The Talmud’s Prophecy on Events Leading Up to the Messianic Era

Talmud Sota, 49a-49b
Rabbi Eliezer the Great says:…
In the times of the approach of the Messiah,
impudence will increase and high costs will pile up.
Although the vine shall bring forth its fruit, wine will nevertheless be expensive.
And the monarchy shall turn to heresy,
and there will be no one to give reproof about this.
The meeting place of the Sages will become a place of promiscuity,
and the Galilee shall be destroyed,
and the Gavlan will be desolate,
and the men of the border shall go round from city to city to seek charity, but they will find no mercy. 
And the wisdom of scribes will putrefy,
and people who fear sin will be held in disgust,
and the truth will be absent.
The youth will shame the face of elders,
elders will stand before minors.
Normal family relations will be ruined:
A son will disgrace a father;
a daughter will rise up against her mother,
a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
A man’s enemies will be the members of his household.
The face of the generation will be like the face of a dog;
a son will no longer be ashamed before his father.
And upon what is there for us to rely?
Only upon our Father in heaven.

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